Hosted SaaS for your Rust server.

Make Your Server More Distinct & Sustainable

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Steam Integrated

  • OpenID Secured Third-Party Logon
  • Single-Sign-On For Everything
  • Donations, Payments, & Subscriptions with Paypal
  • Support Ticketing

Live Shop

  • Custom Shop with web & in-game GUIs
  • Optional Credit Exchanges (P2W) with Paypal
  • Uses existing Economics plugin
  • Browse items and extended details

Live Map

  • Multi-level zoom & responsive web interface
  • Extended position sharing options
  • Integrates with airdrops, helicopters, raiding, and teleportation
  • Uses existing Clans & Friends plugins

Player Profile

  • Tracks a variety of stats
  • Public & server-specific profile
  • Web-based & in-game notifications
  • Configurable donation ranks

Administration Panel

  • Configure and manage your server from web portal
  • Web RCON Client
  • Customize front-end, donation ranks, and more
  • Control access with industry-standard ACL

Support Integration

  • Integrated ticketing solution to easily assist players
  • Manage tickets from web portal and mobile
  • Collaborate and monitor admin activity

Automatic Provisioning

  • Automatically setup and instrument both your server and web portal.
  • Painless installation, configuration, and maintenance

Built On Oxide

  • Implemented using easy-to-install extensions.
  • Easily manage plugins and keep your server up to date with Catalyst

Worldwide CDN

  • Highly optimized and distributed architecture.
  • Lightning fast, real-time applications.
  • Powered by MaxCDN & CloudFlare