We are RustServers.IO

We are a group of Rust enthusiasts and server owners just like you! Our goal is to make the task of running your server as easy and painless as possible.

Live Map

Custom highly-integrated real-time live map application


Easily automate donations, payments, and subscriptions with PayPal support


Build your own shop with in-game and web-based interfaces


Player and group stats collected from a wide-array of sources


Painless support with in-game, web-based, and slack integration

Administration Panel

Configure, manage, and monitor your server with our easy to use web panels

Our Mission

Offer a comprehensive, heavily integrated solution to fund, manage, and support your Rust servers.

Our Vision

Every server owner should have the ability to build a thriving community without being a highly technical programmer or system administrator

Our Technology

Supporting open-source with Plugins
Building websites for your server with extensions

Contact Us

Send us an e-mail and get invited to our Slack group.

$ 84,185 Donations/Payments Made