Managing Oxide plugins with Catalyst


Catalyst provides a variety of useful functions to make installing, configuring, and updating plugins a breeze! This guide outlines some of the finer points of using Catalyst.

Installing Catalyst

For basic installation and usage instructions, please visit the Catalyst extension page.

After Installing..

You can confirm the extension successfully installed by running:


You should see

Catalyst Version: #.#.#

If your server already had plugins installed, run the following command to add your existing plugins to the configuration:


You should see

Adding (#) plugins to requires directive

To ensure your requires directive synchronized correctly, run:


You should see:

[Catalyst] Validation success!

Requiring A Plugin

If you already know the name of the plugin you want to install, say for example, "NoEscape" simply run:

catalyst.require NoEscape

After queueing the installation, you should see the plugin installs shortly thereafter.

Updating Plugins

Following our previous example, if you decide you want to update NoEscape to the latest version, use the following command:

catalyst.update NoEscape

Updating Multiple Plugins

Upgrading all of your plugins to the most recent versions is easy with:

catalyst.update *

You may also specify multiple plugin names to be more specific:

catalyst.update EntityOwner NoEscape

Configuring Plugins

Catalyst provides you a means to configure plugins from command-line. While we realize this may not always be optimal, it is a nice to have.

catalyst.config NoEscape blockAll true

This will set the "blockAll" configuration setting to true.

Searching For Plugins

If you want to search for plugins, using the search command will not only search plugin names, but also authors, descriptions, and documentation. Calytic

If you want more information on a plugin after searching, use the info command: NoEscape

Removing Plugins

If you decide you no longer want a plugin installed on your server, try the remove command:

catalyst.remove NoEscape

If the plugin you are removing installed any other dependencies, you will have to remove those too.

Switching Categories

Sometimes you may want to install a plugin that is under the Universal category. For example, HelpText

To install plugins from a different category, such as HelpText - you must specify the category when requiring the plugin

catalyst.require universal/HelpText

For Developers

Developers will often have forks or different versions of plugins than are available in the public repository. If you are unsure, you may easily compare your current installation with the public repository by running:


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